Buzz Buzz Beeme with improved gameplay!

Bug Me Games announces that Buzz Buzz Beeme has a new and improved play system as well as new interactive tutorials.

GOFFSTOWN, NH – May 26, 2016. Bug Me Games launches version 1.5 of Buzz Buzz Beeme, their first free-to-play and free-to-win puzzle/strategy game. Help Beeme pollinate flowers in his gardens to score points and bonuses. The five gardens consist of twenty levels each with ten puzzles for a total of one thousand puzzles. The solution to each puzzle is found by moving pollen from one flower to another to get particular flowers to bloom.

Buzz Buzz Beeme is unlike other puzzle games that force you to finish under an ever looming count- down-clock or pit your few lives against overwhelming enemy odds. An improved gameplay model makes it easy to understand when a flower gets pollinated and what to do next. There is also a new interactive tutorial system that makes picking up the game that much easier. Not dependent on superior motor skills, Buzz Buzz Beeme is a fun and relaxing way to spend some downtime and can be played by anyone from kids to adults.

Paul Keefe, founding member of Bug Me Games, said, “I added easier rules and a better turorial system so players of any skill level can enjoy the game.”

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